Two seguidillas by Sor, a new edition June 2018

I have just made available in Tecla a new modern edition of the following two seguidillas by Sor

Si mis ojos te dicen     FIRST PART FREE

Yo no sé lo que tiene     FIRST PART FREE

They come from Sor’s own article “Le Bolero” which he published in 1835, and they are both remarkable in their own way. 

The first one, Si mis ojos te dicen, has Sor’s own metronome marking of 162-164. That is really fast! You can try it, or you can get an idea of how fast it is by going to Youtube and searching Sor “Si mis ojos te dicen” where you will find a performance by Pilar Jurado and the group Axivil Goyesco where they sing and perform it fast (I think they must have seen this metronome marking), but even they don’t quite get up to 162!

It is a bit of a mystery about early metronome markings which to us almost always seem too fast. Roger Norrington the conductor performed Beethoven symphonies at Beethoven’s own metronome speeds and they seemed very fast. Anyway, if you like you can try this song by Sor.

The other song, Yo no sé lo que tiene, is also remarkable because Sor writes in his article that rasgueado is needed to play this song. He gives detailed instructions in his article on how to play rasgueado. Try it! The words are amusing. Here they are:

Yo no sé lo que tiene,
Madre, el tio Diego,
Que siempre que me mira
Se chupa el dedo.

Pero presumo
Que por más que lo chupe
No saca zumo.

(Mother, I don’t know what’s the matter with Uncle Jimmy. Whenever he looks at me, he sucks his thumb. But I’m sure that however much he sucks it, he won’t get any juice.)


Brian Jeffery