Sor - Audio and Video Examples

Rob MacKillop has made videos playing all the sixteen pieces (four videos with four pieces each). They are played on a fine modern copy of a Lacote guitar.  From
Sor - The Sixteen Easiest Pieces

Jamie Akers plays Op 29 no 17 from
Sor - The Complete Studies

Gohar Vardanyan has made a video of Sor's famous study in B minor (op. 35 no. 22) from the Tecla book
Sor - The Complete Studies

Kevin R Gallagher from
Sor - The Complete Studies

Patrik Kleemola has made videos of all 24 of the 24 very easy exercises op. 35 of Sor, on Youtube playing a copy of an early guitar. 
Sor - The Complete Studies

Sor's "Sin duda que tus ojos", seguidillas for three voices and guitar. Auditorio Jorge Luis Borges, Biblioteca Nacional, Buenos Aires, 20xx.
In the Tecla book
Sor - Seguidillas Book 2

Sor: L'Encouragement Op. 34 (Cantabile), played by the Duo Historico. 
In the Tecla complete guitar duets of Sor, in
Sor - New Complete Works for Guitar, volumes 8 to 11

Kevin R. Gallagher plays op 35 no 22 from
Sor - The Complete Studies