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About Fernando Sor (1778-1839)

I wrote what is now the standard biography of Fernando Sor: Fernando Sor, Composer and Guitarist, on which see below. Based on the research which I was able to do when I prepared that book, which included for the first time a detailed bibliography of all Sor's compositions, I have been able to prepare and to publish many works of his which you will find listed here below. Among them are the New Complete Works for Guitar Solo and Guitar Duet in eleven volumes, and his Complete Studies, Lessons, and Exercises for guitar. All of these editions are based on a re-examination of the original sources. All of Sor's original fingering is preserved, for example, which is not the case with some other editions of this music which alter Sor's original fingering without saying that they are doing so. The editions which are listed here on this page provide you with authenticity.
"Fernando Sor, Composer and Guitarist" is available in printed form from Tecla Editions. You can read extracts here from chapters 1, 3 and 5.
Read extract from chapter 1
Read extract from chapter 3
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Rob MacKillop has made videos playing all the sixteen pieces (four videos with four pieces each). They are played on a fine modern copy of a Lacote guitar.  From
Sor - The Sixteen Easiest Pieces

Jamie Akers plays Op 29 no 17 from
Sor - The Complete Studies