The new complete Sor edition online

I’m delighted to announce the publication of my new online 2020 second edition of the New Complete Works for Guitar of Fernando Sor from Tecla Editions.
This new Sor edition is online, not printed. The new edition consists of 75 online files for 75 works by Sor, not printed volumes as in the first edition.
It means that this well-established and important standard authentic and urtext edition of Sor’s New Complete Works for Guitar is now immediately available online all over the globe, as individual works and at low prices or free.
The new Sor edition is dynamic not static, that is to say that it is designed so that any item in it can be changed or updated as necessary, for example when and if new information comes in about a particular work.
The new edition already incorporates a good many updates in the commentaries. More updates are planned.
It’s big news, I think, especially for performers and for students.
It is tremendously good news for the planet because it avoids sending printed items which inevitably go by air.
This new Sor edition is also available on nkoda, so you can subscribe to nkoda, or if you are attached to an institution that subscribes to nkoda you can see this new Sor edition there.
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Brian Jeffery