The happy Tecla photo

In this photo, the students of Vincent Dubès, who teaches guitar at the Conservatoire royal de Mons in Belgium, are happily waving the Tecla books which they received from us through their teacher at good discounts. If you are a guitar teacher worldwide and think that you might like to do your students a big favour as Vincent Dubès did for his, write to me on this form. If you are a guitar student, you might like to tell your teacher about this possibility. The books in the photo are above all the pedagogical ones from Tecla: the Sor Complete Studies, the Giuliani Complete Studies, the complete Carcassi Etudes, and the Aguado New Guitar Method in English which has Aguado’s studies, all of them edited by me in the authentic urtext professional editions for which Tecla is famous.

By the way, this photo is reproduced here with the full permission of the students and of the Conservatoire royal de Mons.

Vincent Dubès writes that it is necessary for students to have access to good quality scores faithful to the composer’s ideas, which is what Tecla does, and that the project that we carried out together was about making those scores more accessible to the student budget.  It has been a pedagogical and human project with cooperation between quite a lot of people: the teacher (in this case Vincent Dubès), the students, the publisher (Tecla), the editor (me), and the institution (in this case the Conservatoire royal de Mons). If we neglect one, we lose a lot.

Perhaps other teachers, other students, and other institutions, might like to do the same or similar –  write to me.

Brian Jeffery