The fiftieth anniversary of Tecla Editions, and a big article about it in Soundboard

I’m delighted to say that 2021 marked the fiftieth anniversary of Tecla Editions which began in 1971. I have written an article about it which was published in Soundboard volume 47, 4 of December 2021, in which I don’t just list the Tecla publications, but I explain how I (Brian Jeffery) learned how to write history and how to make editions, and the wonderful people from whom I learned it at Canterbury (UK) and Oxford, and I discuss what makes a professionally made edition and what kinds of editions you might consider that you would do well to buy and use; and I thank the people along the way during those fifty years, for example the steadfast subscribers to the Giuliani Complete Works edition back in the 1980s, which will certainly include some of you who are reading this – thank you very much! For those who don’t get Soundboard, I have extracted the article (through the courtesy of the GFA) and you can read it here.