Tecla digitized, and Mangado’s La Guitarra en Cataluña

Nearly all Tecla items are now available as pdfs or ebooks on the Tecla website at Digital Downloads. It means that you can get the famous Tecla items immediately, wherever you are. It is far better for the planet than shipping books all over the world. All Sor’s studies, Aguado’s New Guitar Method and dozens of other Tecla items. Have a look under Digital Downloads.

Also we have just published Josep María Mangado’s book La Guitarra en Cataluña as a digital download (ebook).

Tecla’s brand-new warehouse

I’m also delighted to say that Tecla has moved from our old warehouse in UK to a marvellous new one in the fantastic wonderful village of Villar del Monte in Spain. While the move has been happening we haven’t been shipping our printed books and editions, but we should be shipping them again in a couple of weeks from now. Meanwhile almost all Tecla items are available in digital under Digital Downloads.

Brian Jeffery