Tecla digital downloads complete list

This is the complete list of Tecla digital downloads (pdfs) available from Tecla Editions.  They are all either modern re-engraved and urtext or else clear-to-read facsimiles of older editions, and all the ABRSM items in the list are fully accepted by the Board. For some FREE items, see Carcassi and Sor below.

Specially interesting items, or recent ones, are in bold.

New Guitar Method – the celebrated guitar method, in English translation.
Variations on the fandango, op. 16. A splendid concert piece. You can see a really exciting performance of this fandango in a video on the page for this piece (for the fast bit, go to 2:28 in the video).

Works for Guitar – some charming pieces.

Etudes op. 60, complete edition (TECLA 0345) – the groundbreaking edition prepared with a new look at the sources.
Etude op. 60 no. 2 FREE
Etude op. 60 no. 5 FREE
Etude op. 60 no. 13 (prescribed for ABRSM Grade 6)
Etude op. 60 no. 16 (prescribed for ABRSM Grade 5)
Etude op. 60 no. 17 (prescribed for ABRSM Grade 7)
Etude op. 60 no. 24 (prescribed for ABRSM Grade 8)
Six caprices op. 26

Costa, Onorato
Souvenir d’Orient – for flute and guitar from the early nineteenth century, with Greek music from that time.

Coste, Napoleon
La Source du Lyson, op. 47 – a well-known concert piece.
Napoléon Coste Compositeur – un charmant petit livre sur Coste.
Napoleon Coste Composer – a charming small book about Coste.

Cutting, Francis
Five lute pieces arranged for guitar by Brian Jeffery (TECLA 0792) (includes the Galliard in E minor prescribed for ABRSM Grade 6).

De Fossa

Degen, Søffren
Ten items for violoncello and guitar, new here in April 2020.

English lute songs – a selection of songs by Dowland with either lute or guitar accompaniment.
Four lute pieces arranged for guitar by Brian Jeffery (TECLA 0793).
Four more lute pieces arranged for guitar by Brian Jeffery (TECLA 0794) (includes “Fortune my foe” prescribed for ABRSM Grade 7).

Arte de tocar la guitarra española  – an enthusiastic book about the guitar, from 1799.
Seis duos – duets for two guitars, from Madrid, about 1800 (on the page for this item is a video of one of these duets, a lot of fun). 


JUNE 2020: the launch of the New Complete Works of Giuliani, with 33 works now available as digital downloads.

NEW IN APRIL 2020: nineteen works by Giuliani for flute or violin and guitar. This is a major new edition of all these works, all modern re-engraved editions, score and parts. They include the famous Serenade op. 19, the wonderful Variations op. 24a, the XVIII Divertimenti Notturni op. 86, and many more. See the special page on this new major edition.

Poema harmónico – a famous guitar tablature book from 1694.

Holborne, Anthony
Five lute pieces arranged for guitar by Brian Jeffery (TECLA 0795)

Holst, Matthias von
Scottish melodies – a small book of well-known Scottish songs with easy guitar accompaniments.

Jeffery, Brian
Fernando Sor Composer and Guitarist now in its new 2020 third edition (TECLA 0302) – the standard Sor biography.
España de la guerra (book, 2017)  (TECLA 3001) – about the propaganda songs in Spain 1808 to 1814, of which Sor was the major composer.
Bele buche e bele parleure – a handbook on how to pronounce medieval and Renaissance French, for singers and others, with a soundfile of spoken and sung examples.
Songs for voice and guitar – fine songs with guitar.
English romantic songs and ballads – delightful songs with guitar.
Renaissance popular music, arranged for guitar by Brian Jeffery (TECLA 0791)
Six Elizabethan duets arranged for guitar by Brian Jeffery (TECLA 0797)

Mangado, Josep María
Fernando Sor volumes 1 2 and 3 – completely new books in 2020 with a wealth of details about Sor’s life.

José Martínez Toboso – El Señor de las Once Cuerdas – a new book about this nineteenth-century guitarist and composer.

José Viñas y Dias – a new book in 2024, about this nineteenth-century Barcelona composer, conductor, and guitarist.

La guitarra en Cataluña – ebook, new digital revised edition 2019.
Los conciertos de guitarra en el Palau de la Musica catalana, new publication in November 2019.
Recuerdos de mi familia. Josep María Mangado’s previously unpublished personal account of his family’s part in rescuing the diary of Baron Maldá called Calaix de sastre from destruction during the terrible times of the 1930s in Barcelona. Free to read here on this site.

Works for guitar – fine pieces.

Molino, Francesco
Three Trios op. 4, for flute, viola and guitar. This is a re-engraved modern edition, score and parts, ready for performance. Really beautiful music, surely one of the finest chamber works with guitar. Newly added here April 2020. With a fine sound recording of Trio op. 4 no. 1 free on this Tecla page.
Grand trio concertant, op. 30 – a wonderful trio for violin or flute, viola and guitar. A new re-engraved modern edition, score and parts. 
Second Grand Trio Concertant, op. 45 – again a fine work, for violin or flute, viola and guitar. A new re-engraved modern edition, score and parts. With a fine sound recording free on this Tecla page.

Moretti, Federico
Doce canciones – twelve famous songs with guitar, new re-engraved edition (not facsimile).

Three arias from Don Giovanni, arranged for voice and guitar by Sor (TECLA 0152).

Pilkington, Francis
Five lute pieces arranged for guitar by Brian Jeffery (TECLA 0796)

Rung, Henrik
Five pieces for one, two, or three guitars
Five pieces for guitar with other instruments

Lieder – Schubert songs with their piano accompaniments arranged for guitar by Coste.
Sixteen songs

Sor, Fernando
“Las quejas de Maruja”, a new re-engraved edition of this song April 2020.
The New complete works for guitar and guitar duet, the new digital online 2020 second edition – an important new edition. 27 items are FREE TO EVERYBODY.
The complete Sor studies lessons and exercises (TECLA 101) – the classic authentic and urtext edition. The only urtext edition of this music as far as I know.
The Sixteen Easiest Pieces by Sor for Guitar, ed. Brian Jeffery (TECLA 0100), the complete book. On the page for this item you can see videos of all sixteen pieces, very useful for any student or beginner.
Method – in English translation.
O crux
Seguidillas – famous songs with guitar.
Seguidillas Book 2
Allegretto (op. 44 no. 2) (no. 4 in Sor Sixteen Easiest Pieces) FREE
Two seguidillas (“Si mis ojos te dicen” and “Yo no sé lo que tiene”) in a modern edition, from Sor’s article “Le Bolero” of 1835. “Si mis ojos te dicen” is amazingly fast, as you can hear in a video on this Tecla page for these pieces.
Appel des nègres aux français, a song for bass voice and guitar, against the slave trade.
Study, op. 6 no. 9 (prescribed for ABRSM Grade 7)
Exercise, op. 35 no. 2 (prescribed for ABRSM Grade 3)
Exercise, op. 35 no. 22 (prescribed for ABRSM Grade 5)
Petite pièce, op. 44 no. 14 (prescribed for ABRSM Grade 4)
Lesson, op. 60 no. 1 (prescribed for ABRSM Grade 1)
Lesson, op. 60 no. 2 (prescribed for ABRSM Grade 2)
Lesson, op. 60 no. 23 (prescribed for ABRSM Grade 6)