Mauro Giuliani – Sonatina for guitar, op. 71 no. 3, edited by Brian Jeffery


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This new edition of Giuliani’s Sonatina for guitar op. 71 no. 3 is a completely new re-engraved edition made by Brian Jeffery in 2008 specially for the guitar syllabus of the UK Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music who have prescribed the first movement from it for their new guitar syllabus from 2019, grade 6.

It is the third of the Tre Sonatine (Three Sonatinas) op. 71, which Giuliani published in Vienna in 1816. He intended them specially for beginners, as the original title-page says: d’una facilità progressiva ad uso dei principianti (of progressive facility for the use of beginners).

Re-engraved, not facsimile.

(Note: this is simple A4 sheet music, without cover).

Here is the complete Sonatina op. 71 no. 3, played by Kazuki Ueki:

Andantino sostenuto,
Tempo di marcia and trio,
Scherzo con moto, and
Finale [Rondo].

We can also supply the complete set of the three sonatinas op. 71, in a facsimile of the original edition (TECLA 0564).

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