Mauro Giuliani – Guitar solos opp. 24b to 34 (The Complete Works, Volume 4)



Mauro Giuliani’s Complete Works, Volume 4 (Tecla facsimile edition) contains eight works for guitar solo first published in Vienna in 1810-12. Guitar solos, opp. 24b-34. With an introduction by Brian Jeffery.
Paperbound TECLA 0804.
We are also happy to supply it in its clothbound version, for just a token amount more:

Clothbound in black and gold. 84 pages.  First published by Tecla in 1985, reprinted in 2002. Please be aware, however, that all copies of the clothbound version have damp marks, caused by their having been in a certain warehouse in the past.

This Volume 4 contains the following eight works for guitar solo first published in Vienna in 1810-12, in reprints of the first editions:

  • Op. 24b:Fourteen National Dances and Three Marches.
  • Op. 26: Potpourri.
  • Op. 28: Potpourri.
  • Op. 29: Divertissements.
  • Op. 31: Troisième Grand Potpourri.
  • Op. 32: Six Easy Variations.
  • Op. 33: Twelve Ecossaises.
  • Op. 34: Six Variations.
[Legibility of Volume 4: op. 24b and op. 33 are hard to read; the other works are mostly clear though faint in places.]


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