Mauro Giuliani – Guitar concerto op. 36 version with string quartet (The Complete Works, Volume 28)


Mauro Giuliani’s Complete Works, Volume 28 (Tecla facsimile edition) contains Giuliani’s guitar concerto op. 36 in A, in the version for guitar and string quartet, consisting of a guitar part and parts for violin 1, violin 2, viola, and violoncello (no score).  With an introduction by Brian Jeffery.

The two volumes for this concerto in this Tecla series are:

  • This Volume 28: the version for guitar and string quartet. The guitar is a normal guitar (not a terz guitar).
  • Volume 29: the arrangement of the concerto which Diabelli made for terz guitar and piano.

Both are in facsimiles of the first editions, parts only, no score.

This concerto op. 36, unlike the concertos opp. 30 and 70, is not known to have existed in a version for full orchestra, but only in this version for guitar and strings, which can be performed either with a string orchestra or simply with a string quartet.

First published by Tecla in 1985.

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