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Fernando Sor – Sonata prima (“Grand Solo”) op. 14 for solo guitar, as a digital download (pdf)


This is a digital download (pdf).

I have recently cast new light on the origins of Grand Solo in my article “Sor’s Grand Solo: from seven strings to six” which was published in Soundboard 49.4 for December 2023. This article demonstrates that the three earliest known sources of Sor’s Grand Solo, including Castro’s edition, are for seven-string guitar, and it goes on to show how that earliest known version was then adapted for six-string guitar in the versions of Pierre-Jean Porro and of Meissonnier.

Anyone ordering Grand Solo here on this page will receive a file which contains both the Castro edition (which we now know is for seven-string guitar) and also the Meissonnier edition (which is an adaptation of the piece for six-string guitar).

Grand Solo is justly famous today as a grand full-scale work, eloquent and moving sometimes into remote keys. It may very well be the same piece that Sor played in a concert in Barcelona on 7 May 1802 (see my book Fernando Sor Composer and Guitarist, chapter 1). Grandiose, imaginative, using the resources of the instrument to the full, it certainly dates from Sor’s Spanish period. As a one-movement sonata, it has affinities with the keyboard works of Scarlatti and of Soler.

You can see and hear it on Youtube played by Petrit Çeku here.

I have in preparation a new bumper edition of Grand Solo which will be announced here and in mailings to registered friends and customers.


This edition comes from the new 2020 second edition of Sor’s New Complete Works for Guitar edited by Brian Jeffery. The Introduction and Index to the entire series can be seen here on this site.