Fernando Sor – Les deux amis op. 41 for two guitars, score and parts


This is a digital download (pdf).

Sor’s duet for two guitars Les deux amis op. 41 is one of the most celebrated of his duets, a major work on a level with the Mozart variations (op. 9) or the sonata op. 25. The form is an introduction (andante largo), a theme with five variations, and a mazurka. It was first published in Paris in 1829-30 with the title Les deux amis, fantaisie pour deux guitares, and dedicated to Sor’s colleague Aguado.

Instead of the parts being marked “Première Guitare” and “Seconde Guitare” as they are in other duets, here they are headed “Sor” and “Aguado”. The two parts shine in alternate variations: Sor in variations 1 and 3, Aguado in variations 2 and 4; variation 5 is an opportunity for both; and in the mazurka they are equal in importance.


This edition comes from the new 2020 second edition of Sor’s New Complete Works for Guitar edited by Brian Jeffery. The Introduction and Index to the entire series can be seen here on this site.