Fernando Sor – L’encouragement op. 34 for two guitars, score and parts


This is a digital download (pdf).

Sor’s L’Encouragement op. 34 for two guitars was first published in Paris in about 1828, with the full title of L’Encouragement, Fantaisie à deux guitares dédiée à une de ses Elèves (L’Encouragement, fantasy for two guitars, dedicated to one of his lady pupils). It is a didactic work for beginning students, and it is the first of the twelve works for two guitars which Sor published in Paris.

It consists of a Cantabile, a theme and variations, and a waltz. The Cantabile is FREE TO EVERYBODY.

The present edition scrupulously respects the structure of that original edition, in which Sor wrote one part (“Guitare première”) which most of the time has only a single line of music and is clearly marked on every page “L’ÉLÈVE” (“The pupil”), and a second part (“Guitare seconde”) which consists mostly of chords and is clearly marked, again on every page, “LE MAÎTRE” (“The teacher”). There is fingering by Sor. In other words, this is a didactic piece, designed for beginners on the guitar to play together with their teacher. The dedication to a lady pupil confirms this. The beauty of the melodies encourages the pupil, while at the same time the piece is designed to fulfil technical aims, and the teacher’s part steadily sustains the rhythm of the piece throughout.

This edition comes from the new 2020 second edition of Sor’s New Complete Works for Guitar edited by Brian Jeffery. The Introduction and Index to the entire series can be seen here on this site.