Fernando Sor – Galop for guitar from op. 57


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This galop by Sor from his op. 57 is up to the minute in dance terms, because the galop as a dance had only just been introduced to Paris ballrooms, apparently in the late 1820s. It has rhythmic strength and it shows Sor’s intense interest in dance.

We can assume that it should be played very much with the dance-floor in mind, with plenty of rhythm. The mazurka and the waltz may have been fast, but the galop was surely even faster, hence its name, from a horse’s gallop. The galop was the ancestor not only of the polka but also of the can-can which as is well-known can sometimes go at breakneck speed. So try this one fast!

Sor counted many young ladies among his pupils who would certainly have been very interested in dancing.

This piece comes from Sor’s Six valses et un galop op. 57 which he published in Paris in 1834-35.

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