Mauro Giuliani – The Complete Studies for Guitar, edited by Brian Jeffery


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Mauro Giuliani’s Complete Studies for guitar edited by Brian Jeffery is a new re-engraved edition specially produced for students.  It is a companion volume to Sor’s Complete Studies edited by Brian Jeffery and published by Tecla Editions.  192 pages. 12 x 9 inches.
It is the standard edition of these famous works.

The music in this Tecla edition of Giuliani’s Complete Studies is all Urtext, that is to say that all the music has been re-engraved but still presents strictly the original text without any alterations. I have not added any modern fingering or editorial dynamics as some other modern editions do.  The only fingering in this edition is Giuliani’s own. That way the reader can be certain of having the authentic text.

Six collections of Giuliani’s pieces for students are included in this book.  His famous op. 1 (Studio for the guitar) with its right hand and left hand studies is carefully thought out and didactic and has remained in print ever since its first publication. Op. 48 is a set of virtuoso variations, brilliant and also famous.  Opp. 51, 98 and 139 are collections of short pieces, not too hard.  Op. 100 is a special collection, interesting for the different kinds of pieces which it contains.

Jamie Akers plays op. 48 no. 23 with Tecla books on the piano and music stand.

Here are some comments on this Tecla edition of Giuliani’s Complete Studies:

“I recently ordered your new reprints of the Sor and Giuliani studies [in the clothbound editions], which arrived last week and are absolutely wonderful” (a customer in Switzerland, June 2013).

“‘Giuliani Studies’ is a very good book” (an Italian guitarist, March 2003)

“los estudios completos para guitarra de Mauro Giuliani… Obras especialmente dirigidas a estudiantes … legibles y bien editadas” (Acordes (Spanish magazine), no. 16, 2003).

“Dr. Jeffery has once again brought to the public works that are truly groundbreaking in their scope … endlessly inventive and incredibly challenging … the use of only the master’s fingering will be instructive to the student.” (Guitart International, April / June 2003).

ERRATUM: on page 69, the key signature of this piece should be three sharps throughout.

This book is a companion to the Complete Studies, Lessons, and Exercises of Sor. Both books are completely new editions, prepared afresh straight from the original editions of the composers’ own time.

The complete introduction to this book.

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