Fernando Sor – The Complete Works for Guitar, Tecla facsimile edition

Fernando Sor: The Complete Works for guitar solo and guitar duet, in facsimiles of the original editions, in nine volumes

Black-and-gold covers, nine volumes

collected and with prefaces and notes by Brian Jeffery

This edition as a set is temporarily unavailable. If you would like to order it, send us an email.Meanwhile the same music is available (but re-engraved not facsimile) in Sor- The New Complete Works for Guitar Solo and Guitar Duet.

But we do have some copies available of Volume 2 of the facsimile edition! Volume 2 is a useful volume, because it contains several well-known works, most notably the Sonata Prima (“Grand Solo”), the Sonata op. 15, Folies d’Espagne op. 15, op. 11 with its minuets, etc. To order Volume 2, click on this link.

Also we have a few copies of volumes 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 in various bindings. (There are no copies available of volumes 1 and 4). To order any of Volumes 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9, send us an email.

CONTENTS LIST for each of the nine volumes.

Fernando Sor’s music is a part of every guitarist’s experience, from his studies, lessons, and exercises for beginners, through many pieces for the player of moderate accomplishments, to virtuoso concert pieces such as his Variations on a Theme of Mozart, op. 9, or the Grand Solo, op. 14. This nine-volume set, first published in 1982, contains all Sor’s known works for guitar solo or guitar duet, in reprints of the original editions. It has 872 pages and is published in the form of nine easily-handled volumes. The original research and the extensive notes make this the standard edition of Sor’s works for players and libraries.

The nine volumes are each also published separately.

The edition is presented in the form of reprints of the original early nineteenth century editions. The notation of that time is very little different from our own, and presents no serious difficulty to the player of today. Experience of playing from the early editions will also show that the early engravers had great skill in such practical matters as page-turns. There is also the advantage–and it is a great one for anyone interested in historical performance–that the player is provided with the earliest known sources, without any changes having been made by modern editors, as often occurs in modern editions, sometimes, it must be said,without warning.

Most of the pages in this edition are perfectly clear and easy to read. However, please be aware that a minority of the pages, because the original editions in those cases had faded, are rather faint and sometimes hard to read. 


“The edition is simply indispensable … A treasure trove of exquisite delights” (Soundboard)

“An important body of knowledge and delight” (ClassicalGuitar)


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