Fernando Sor – The New Complete Works for Guitar, Volume 2


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This volume 2 of Sor’s New Complete Works for Guitar contains guitar solos op. nos. 10 through 16 and works without opus number, as follows:

  • Opus 10: Fantaisie
  • Opus 11: Deux thèmes variés et douze menuets
  • Opus 12: Fantasia
  • Opus 13: Six divertimentos
  • Opus 14: Sonata prima (Castro’s version)
  • Opus 14: “Grand Solo” (Meissonnier’s version)
  • Opus 15(a): Folies d’Espagne and minuet
  • Opus 15(b): Sonata
  • Opus 15(c): Thème varié
  • Works without opus number:
  • Air varié
  • Thema varié
  • Four minuets
  • March from ‘Cendrillon’
  • La Candeur
  • Opus 16: Fantasia on Paisiello’s ‘Nel cor più non mi sento’

TECLA 1202. 112 pages.

Erratum to volume 2 page 60: in Sor’s Folies d’Espagne, bars 18 and 26, the C sharps should no doubt be C double sharps.

Sor- The New Complete Works for Guitar (the complete set)

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