Fernando Sor – The New Complete Works for Guitar, Volume 1


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This volume 1 of Sor’s New Complete Works for Guitar contains guitar solos op. nos. 1 through 9, as follows:

  • Op. 1: Six Divertimentos.
  • Op. 2: Six Divertimentos.
  • Op. 3: Theme and Variations.
  • Op. 4: Fantasia.
  • Op. 5: Six petites pièces.
  • Op. 6: Twelve Studies.
  • Op. 7: Fantasia.
  • Op. 8: Six Divertimentos.
  • Op. 9: Variations on a Theme of Mozart.

80 pages.


Here is Manuel Barrueco playing the Variations on a Theme of Mozart op. 9 which is included in this volume:


Sor- The New Complete Works for Guitar (the complete set)

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