Fernando Sor – Method for the Spanish Guitar (1832), as a digital download (pdf)


This page is for Sor: Method for the Spanish guitar as a digital download (pdf, ebook, 29 mb). Or you can receive it as a printed book to be shipped to you worldwide. The printed book is very nice, but digital is cheaper and much kinder to the planet!

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This is a complete facsimile reprint of the 1832 English translation of Sor’s method for the guitar which was originally published in French in Paris in 1830, and was translated into English and published in English in London in 1832. It is very interesting in its own right, and is also an important historical text.

“All guitarists will enjoy reading Sor’s method.  The forty-eight pages of text give great insight into early 19th century thought on guitar study.  The reader will find humor in Sor’s ultra-pedantic attempts to clarify his ideas.  [Well, I wouldn’t exactly agree in putting it that way, but never mind! BJ]  The musical section of this book contains interval studies, scales, arpeggios, studies in harmonics, and pieces.  This is a fine reprint of the 1832 English translation by A. Merrick.” (Soundboard, Fall/Winter 2001/2002).

“This document, most important in the history of guitar pedagogy and in the field of research, is here reproduced in a practical binding by Tecla, publishers of the same writer’s complete works for guitar. This is a treasure-house of fascinating things for anybody with more than the most superficial relationship with the guitar. For the serious player it is indispensable.” (Classical Guitar, December 1996).

94 pages.  First published by Tecla in 1995, now with a new cover 2003.

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