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Brian Jeffery’s book Fernando Sor, Composer and Guitarist is the standard biography of the great 19th-century guitarist and composer Fernando Sor (1778-1839). This is the second edition, of 1994.

The book has 216 pages.

The first edition of this book, when it appeared in 1977, set out for the first time all the known details of Sor’s life. It was one of the most detailed biographies ever published of a composer of this period.

Now for the second edition of 1994 we publish a new edition of this book, completely revised and reset, and brought up to date with many newly discovered details such as previously unknown concerts of Sor in London and Paris, including one in which he played the lute – one of the first “early music” concerts – and significant new bibliographical details.

As with the first edition, there are chapters on his early years in Spain, his journey to Paris, his seven very full years in London, his journey to Russia, and his final years in Paris. His music for guitar is discussed, as well as his many other works, especially his seguidillas and his many other songs in Spanish and in Italian. A full catalogue of works is included, now revised and brought up to date. This new edition is essential for all music libraries, and for the bookshelf of anyone interested in guitar history.

“This second edition represents the current state of knowledge regarding this pivotal figure in the history of the guitar … Naturally, this is a must for every serious student of the period – and for every player of Sor’s music” (Soundboard, Winter 1996).

“A real contribution to our understanding of Sor, his music and his period. The new material is both interesting and valuable” (a US reader).

Please be aware that this book is printed on demand and some of its illustrations are perhaps not quite as clear as they might be.  But the information is, I hope, solid.

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Fernando Sor biography

Fernando Sor life and music (a longer biography) 

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