Carlos Santacara – La Guerra de la Independencia


Santacara: La Guerra de la Independencia

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La Guerra de la Independencia vista por los británicos

An extraordinary, wonderful book.  Eye-witness accounts of the Peninsular War, very many of them never before published.  Not published by Tecla but we have stock of it.  820 large pages long, with maps.  In Spanish.

268 x 196 mm.  Published by Machado Libros in Spain, 2005.


An ideal Christmas or other present for anyone interested in the Peninsular War (otherwise known as the Guerra de la Independencia) (and who can read Spanish).


This book consists of eye-witness testimony about the war from the British soldiers, travellers, etc. who were actually there: transcriptions of their letters home, their diaries, memoirs, articles in obscure journals, mss from obscure libraries . . .  This is absolutely first hand testimony, from those who were there at the actual moment, usually not from decades later nor from people who later on had their own agendas, a rare kind of book indeed on this kind of scale.  Captain Marryat, for example, is here as a young naval officer on shore in Spain with a girl on each arm, he who later was the famous author of adventure stories.  Santacara tells the story in chronological order, illustrating every episode with the words of those British people who were there, texts which he has himself translated from English into Spanish, a Herculean task in itself.

Note that it is in Spanish, so it is only useful to you if you read Spanish.  And it isn’t much about music, with only the occasional reference.

Books like this in Spain have a habit of going out of print quickly, so if you are interested you might like to take this opportunity to get it while it is here.  In my opinion its price is low considering its size and the number of pages.  A wonderful present for anyone who can easily read Spanish and who is interested in the time of Napoleon and Spain.  Low postage worldwide (considering its weight of 1600g).

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