Ivan Padovec – Grande Polonaise op. 18 for two guitars, as a printed item


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Ivan Padovec’s Grande Polonaise op. 18 for two guitars is a splendid and vivacious polonaise for two guitars, on a large scale, as the title suggests. Domingo Prat called this work “un movimiento elegantísimo de Polonesa, cuya composición se desenvuelve con soltura armónica y guitarrística, un poco dilatada, pero de buena factura” (“a most elegant Polonaise, whose composition unfolds with harmonic and guitaristic agility, a little long, but well constructed.”). The Croatian composer lived in the mid-nineteenth century. This is a facsimile of the original edition.

The first guitar part is written for a terz-guitar, tuned a minor third above an ordinary guitar; this part can be played by placing a capotasto at the third fret of an ordinary guitar. The second guitar part is for an ordinary guitar. Reprint of the original edition. Parts only; no score. With a preface by Brian Jeffery

(Note: this is simple A4 sheet music, without cover).

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