Antonio Nava – Serenata, op. 16, for flute and guitar


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Antonio Nava’s Serenata op. 16 for flute and guitar comes from early 19th century Italy, a simple and charming chamber work with guitar. 

This is an ideal piece for easy performance.  There are three movements: Adagio espressivo, Polacca, and Theme and variations.  Reprint of the first edition of Milan, c. 1810. Parts only, no score.  With a preface by Brian Jeffery.  First published by Tecla in 1985.


A listener also thinks this is a fine work (“a masterpiece”), and there is a CD of it.  Here’s an e-mail we received:

“A few months ago, I heard a beautiful sound on our classical Radio.

Serenata, op. 16

flute and guitar

Antonio Nava

I’ve looked for the CD at several places in Belgium, mostly shops

specialised in classical music.

Unfortunately, we can’t buy it in Belgium.

Now that I’ve found your site, there is a bit of hope for me.

Is there a possibility that I can buy a CD (which includes that masterpiece)

in your shop/company?

Please can you confirm me by mail.  If you don’t sell these product, could

you please supply me an address where I can buy it?

Any way, your help will be very appreciated.”

– So, can anyone help? Who recorded this CD? Can anyone tell us?

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