Francesco Molino – Three trios op. 4, edited by Brian Jeffery, as a printed item


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This is a modern re-engraved edition of Francesco Molino’s three fine trios op. 4 for flute, viola and guitar, dedicated to the last Doge of Genoa. They date from probably 1809 or shortly before.  Everything is serene, each of the three instruments given its fair share. The first trio is an extended work, and the second and third are shorter (Molino called the second and third trios notturni, that is to say like 18th century Italian serenades).  I made this re-engraved edition available online in 2004, but now it is available here in Tecla printed out, score and parts.

96 pages, score and parts (48 pages score plus 16, 16, 16 pages parts).  A4 size. New re-engraved edition 2009. Edited and with an introduction by Brian Jeffery. NOTE: this is simple A4 music without a cover. But it is perfectly practical for playing from.

The style of the trios is always limpid, very clear and aiming at beauty. There are many details which make them charming pieces of music.

“Many thanks for the Molino op.4 scores – very much appreciated by us all.All the Molino Trios and Duos we’ve worked on are excellent and originalpieces of music, but the op. 4 are also absolutely charming and vivacious,much enjoyed by the audiences we’ve performed them to.” (from a group of chamber musicians)

A short article about Molino’s trios op. 4, which I wrote in January 2004 for the Spanish magazine Acordes.

Read the complete introduction to the edition.

The complete set of Molino’s trios with guitar, op. 4, op. 30, and op. 45

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