Francesco Molino – Second Grand Trio Concertant op. 45 as a digital download


This is a digital download.


Francesco Molino’s Second Grand Trio Concertant op. 45 for violin or flute, viola, and guitar, follows on from his Trois trios op. 4 and his Grand Trio Concertant, op. 30. All three of them are now available in Tecla in digital, in modern editions, re-engraved, score and parts.

You can see the first part of this score FREE here.

Here is a splendid video of this Second Grand Trio Concertant op. 45, performed by Olavo Tengner Barros on flute, Jean-Loup Lecomte on viola d’amore, and Mário Carreira on guitar: 

This trio op. 45 begins with a long allegro. Then a romance, adagio, really beautiful, just as was the romanza in the Trio op. 4 no. 1. Finally, a rondo with lots of energy. In this video the romance begins at 8:56 and the rondo begins at 12:25. Throughout the work as in op. 4 and op. 30 there are plenty of exchanges between the viola and the guitar, and the guitar has a full part to play, not just providing a bass but participating as one of three equal players.

56 pages (32 pages score plus 8, 8, 8 pages parts).  New re-engraved edition, score and parts.

Read the complete preface to the edition. It has some interesting (I hope) ideas about fingering.

Molino’s Three Trios op. 4

Molino’s Grand Trio Concertante op. 30

It is possible to order the complete set of all Molino’s trios with guitar: the Three Trios op. 4, the Grand Trio Concertante op. 30, and this Second Grand Trio Concertante op. 45, all as digital downloads in the new re-engraved edition, score and parts. If you would like to order this complete set of all Molino’s trios with guitar, please send a personal email to me Brian Jeffery on the Tecla Editions contact form.

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