Francesco Molino – Grand Trio Concertant, op. 30, new edition by Brian Jeffery, as a digital download (pdf)


This page is for Molino: Grand trio concertant op. 30 as a digital download (pdf, ebook). Or you can receive it as a printed item paperbound to be shipped to you worldwide. Or you can receive it as a printed item clothbound to be shipped to you worldwide. The printed item is very nice, but digital is cheaper and much kinder to the planet!

This is a new  modern re-engraved edition of Francesco Molino’s Grand Trio Concertant, op. 30, for violin or flute, viola, and guitar, a major work from about 1823, previously unknown and now published for the first time in a modern edition. Re-engraved, score and parts. In four movements, lasting about 15-20 minutes in performance.  Edited by Brian Jeffery from the original edition, with a new preface.

“It was love at first sight [on first playing this Grand Trio Concertant op. 30 of Molino]” (Francesco Biraghi)

28 pages score plus 40 pages parts. 12 x 9 inches.  2005.

Here are Olavo Tengner Barros flauta de 8 chaves, Jean-Loup Lecomte viola, and Mário Carreira guitar playing the Larghetto and the Rondo from this trio by Francesco Molino at the Conservatório de Música do Porto – 22/11/2010.

“Full of natural grace and charm . . . engaging melodies, pleasant contrasts, and interesting byplay among the parts . . . I would expect this to receive many performances and very warm audience reactions.” (David Grimes in Soundboard, 2006).

“Questa splendida composizione vede finalmente le stampe in edizione moderna e viene cosi messa a disposizione di tutti gli interpreti.  … questa bella edizione … L’edizione è molto curata sia nella grafica che nella impaginazione” (Marco Riboni in Il Fronimo, July 2005)

(“This splendid composition is finally published in a modern edition and so is put at the disposition of all performers. … this beautiful edition … The edition is carefully made, in the graphic appearance as well as in the pagination.”)

Read the complete preface to this edition with more information, with a note by Francesco Biraghi.

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It is possible to order the complete set of all Molino’s trios with guitar: the Three Trios op. 4, the Grand Trio Concertante op. 30, and this Second Grand Trio Concertante op. 45, all in the new re-engraved edition, score and parts. If you would like to order this complete set of all Molino’s trios with guitar, please send a personal email to me Brian Jeffery on the Tecla Editions contact form.

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