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Brian Jeffery (ed.) – Romantic Chamber Music with guitar


Romantic Chamber Music with guitar is a collection of fourteen charming and easy compositions for guitar with other instruments, from early 19th century Italy and France. Selected by Brian Jeffery, and with prefaces by Mario Dell’Ara and Brian Jeffery.  Easy playing, easy listening.

Romantic Chamber Music with guitar
The complete collection of fourteen separately printed items TECLA 0200.

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“well suited for a casual evening of music-making with friends … a guitarist of reasonable ability should have no difficulty sight-reading this music … some of it would make attractive recital material as well” (Peter Danner in Guitar Review).

The collection Romantic Chamber Music with guitar consists of fourteen separately printed items, each of which is also available separately. The complete list is:

TECLA 0201- Wenceslas Cerruti- Serenade, op. 5
TECLA 0202- Vincenzo Colla- Duo for flute and guitar
TECLA 0203- Jean Comoglio- Trois Nocturnes for violin and guitar, op. 7
TECLA 0204- Gatayes- Duo for violin and guitar, op. 35
TECLA 0205- Gatayes- Duo for flute or violin and guitar, op. 53
TECLA 0206- Antonio Nava- Serenata, op. 16, for flute and guitar
TECLA 0207- Antonio Nava- Trois Petits Duos, op. 23, for flute or violin and guitar
TECLA 0208- Pollet- Rondo for violin and guitar
TECLA 0209- Francesco Molino- Trois Duos Faciles for violin and guitar, op. 3
TECLA 0210- Francesco Molino- Trois Trios, op. 4, for flute, viola, and guitar.
TECLA 0211- Francesco Molino- Second Grand Trio Concertant, op. 45, for flute or violin, viola, and guitar
TECLA 0212- Valentino Molino- Grand Trio Concertant for violin, viola, and guitar, op. 10
TECLA 0213- Francesco De Salvo- Trio for violin, viola, and guitar.
TECLA 0214- Vincenzo Colla- Quatuor for flute, violin, viola, and guitar

212 pages in all.  First published by Tecla in 1985/86.

These fourteen items of Italian and French music for guitar with other instruments from the early 19th century, are all charming and delightful and suitable for undemanding music-making by guitarists and their friends. They have been carefully selected after examining hundreds of pieces of chamber music of the period for guitar with other instruments.

All the fourteen items are in the form of reprints of the original editions and are clear and legible for performance. All of them, especially the first nine items, can in fact be played on any suitable melody instruments, such as recorders, with the guitar. Most of them have parts only; no score.

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