Mauro Giuliani – Works for voice and guitar or piano (The Complete Works, Volume 38)


Mauro Giuliani’s Complete Works, Volume 38 (Tecla facsimile edition), consists of four separately printed items of music, all of them vocal works by Giuliani for voice and guitar or piano, which are listed below. With an introduction by Brian Jeffery.

Tecla publishes all of Giuliani’s songs, in two volumes:

This present Volume 38 is presented as four separate items, all in reprints of the original early nineteenth-century editions.

  • La Sentinelle (voice, piano, violin, guitar, and violoncello ad lib.) (jointly composed with Hummel and published as Hummel’s op. 71) (parts, no score). (TECLA 0666).
  • Der Abschied der Troubadours (The Troubadours’ Farewell) (voice, piano, violin, and guitar) (jointly composed with Moscheles and Mayseder) (parts, no score) (TECLA 0667).  MORE ABOUT THIS BELOW.
  • A volume containing eight vocal works without opus number (TECLA 0668).
  • A volume containing four vocal works without opus number (TECLA 0669).

First published by Tecla in 1986.

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In June 2004 Ihsan Turnagoel sent a letter to me (Brian Jeffery) as follows about the recording of Der Abschied der Troubadours which was made in the 1980s:

Dear Mr. Jeffery, in your preface of “The complete works in facsimiles of the original editions, Mauro Giuliani, Der Abschied der Troubadours” you mention a recording of the piece: “… It was recorded in 1984 by Sonja Prunnbauer and others on Schwann Musica Mundi VMS 1051, …” Unfortunately on this LP there is no exact information on who is playing the guitar parts of the pieces. There are only two guitarists’ names: Sonja Prunnbauer and me, Ihsan Turnagoel (“Ihsvan” on the cover of the LP is not correct). In the case of “Der Abschied der Troubadours” (on the LP only Moscheles as composer) I was the player of the guitar part. Sonja Prunnbauer interpreted “La Sentinelle” and “Grande Sérénade Nr. 1 op. 36” by J. N. Hummel. I only want to inform you and also say to you: Thank you for your great editions for the guitar. Yours sincerely, Ihsan Turnagoel

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