Mauro Giuliani – Works for guitar and flute or violin (The Complete Works, Volume 36)


Mauro Giuliani’s Complete Works, Volume 36 (Tecla facsimile edition), consists of twelve separately printed items of music by Giuliani for guitar and flute or violin, which are listed below.  (Please note that this Volume 36 is not now available in a slipcase).  With an introduction by Brian Jeffery.

Please note that several of the twelve pieces are currently supplied as items of bound sheet music at the original Tecla format (12 x 9 inches), while some others are now supplied on A4 size paper without a cover.

Tecla publishes all of Giuliani’s 22 works for guitar and flute or violin, in two volumes:

  • Volume 35 (with ten works), and
  • This present Volume 36 (with twelve works)

If you are a performer, you may prefer to get these same works by Giuliani for guitar and flute or violin in the new Tecla series of modern re-engraved editions of these same works, parts and score (available in digital only, not printed).

This present Volume 36 of the Complete Works of Giuliani consists of the following twelve works printed as separate items, all in reprints of the original early nineteenth-century editions.  Parts only, no score.

  • Op. 81:Six variations (flute or violin and guitar) (TECLA 0575).
  • Op. 82: Grande Sérénade (flute or violin and guitar) (TECLA 0576).  NOTE: this item will be supplied with all music complete but on A4 size paper without a cover.
  • Op. 84: Variations (flute or violin and guitar or piano; piano part is included) (TECLA 0578). A work in which both the guitar, and the flute or violin, have elaborate writing.
  • Op. 85: Gran Duo Concertant (flute or violin and guitar) (TECLA 1579). A well-known work in four movements.
  • Op. 86: XVIII Divertimenti Notturni (flute or violin and guitar) (TECLA 0580).
  • Op. 126: Gran Potpourri (flute or violin and guitar) (TECLA 0622). “Sedlatscheck [the flautist] enchanted everyone with the noble rivalry of the Potpourri on motives of Rossini, in which he competed with Giuliani, the composer of this praiseworthy piece” (a concert review, Rome, 1823).
  • Op. 127: Sérénade (flute or violin and guitar) (TECLA 0623).
  • Duo (flute or violin and guitar) (TECLA 0661). A remarkable piece, long and developed.
  • Originäl Märsche (flute or violin and guitar) (TECLA 0662). A collection of short but interesting arrangements by Giuliani of ten military marches of the Allied powers, gathered together at that time in Vienna.
  • Polonaise by Mayseder, arranged by Giuliani for violin and guitar (TECLA 0663).
  • Seconde Polonaise by Mayseder, arranged by Giuliani for flute or violin and guitar (TECLA 0664).
  • “Qual mesto gemito” from Rossini’s Semiramide, arranged by Giuliani for flute or violin and guitar (TECLA 0665).

Some of the 22 works in Volumes 35 and 36 are for beginners, such as the Duettino facile, op. 77, while others, such as the Duo Concertant op. 25 and the Gran Duetto Concertante op. 52, are virtuoso pieces. Some of them are already celebrated, such as op. 25 and op. 52, and there are others which are not so well known but which are well worth performing, such as the Originäl Märsche or the magnificent Duo. Some of them were originally composed specifically for the violin with guitar, others specifically for the flute with guitar, but most of them state on their title-pages that either violin or flute is acceptable.

“I have received Vol 35 & 36, Mauro Giuliani. Thank you very much. I am really impressed, it’s a beautiful edition, congratulations!” (a US customer)

First published by Tecla in 1987.

[Legibility of all of the twelve items: good.]

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