Mauro Giuliani – The Complete Works, Volume 35 (Works for guitar and flute or violin), clothbound


This page is for Volume 35 of the Complete Works of Giuliani. It consists of a set of two books, clothbound, to be shipped to you worldwide.

Mauro Giuliani’s Complete Works, Volume 35 (Tecla facsimile edition) is now published as a set of two volumes, one volume for the flute or violin and the other volume for the guitar. The two volumes between them contain ten works by Giuliani for guitar and flute or violin, in facsimiles of the original editions.  With an introduction by Brian Jeffery. This edition was first published by Tecla in 1986, reprinted in 2005.

If you are a performer, you may prefer to get these works by Giuliani for guitar and flute or violin in the new Tecla series of modern re-engraved editions of these same works, parts and score.

We have published this volume 35 in two books for practical reasons, for performers: Volume 35-1 contains all the flute or violin parts for all the ten works, and Volume 35-2 contains all the guitar parts for all the ten works. This set includes both Volume 35-1 and Volume 35-2.

Volume 35-1 (the flute or violin parts) and Volume 35-2 (the guitar parts) between them make up the set of two books which between them make up Volume 35.

Paperbound TECLA 0835-1 and TECLA 0835-2.

Clothbound in black and gold TECLA 0935-1 and TECLA 0935-2. Please be aware that the clothbound copies of this title unfortunately have dampmarks (not too bad but they are there). However, one person who bought one of these clothbound copies wrote that the clothbound stand up better on the music stand and that that was more important to him than to worry about a few marks.

Tecla publishes all of Giuliani’s 22 works for guitar and flute or violin, in two volumes:

  • This present Volume 35 (with ten works) AVAILABLE, and
  • Volume 36 AVAILABLE (with twelve works)

This present Volume 35 consists of two books:
(1) Volume 35-1 containing all the flute or violin (and violoncello) parts, and
(2) Volume 35-2 containing all the guitar parts.
To perform the music, you need both books, one book for each of the two instruments.  This set includes both Volume 35-1 and Volume 35-2. All are in reprints of the original editions.  Parts only, no score.

Volume 35 contains the following ten works:

  • Op. 19: Serenade (violin, violoncello, and guitar) (TECLA 0502). A fine work for violin, violoncello, and guitar, and Giuliani’s only known work for this combination of instruments. Adagio, scherzo and trio, and polonaise.
  • Op. 24a: Variations (violin and guitar) ( TECLA 0507). A fine demanding work in which both instruments shine in turn.
  • Op. 25: Duo Concertant (violin and guitar) (TECLA 0509). One of Giuliani’s best-known works.
  • Op. 52: Gran Duetto Concertante (flute or violin and guitar) (TECLA 0540). One of Giuliani’s best-known works.
  • Op. 53: Gran Potpourri (flute or violin and guitar) (TECLA 0541).
  • Op. 63: Six Variations (violin and guitar) (TECLA 0551). Contains brilliant writing for both instruments.
  • Op. 74: Pièces faciles et agréables (flute or violin and guitar) (TECLA 0567).
  • Op. 75: Zwölf Ländler (flute or violin and guitar) (TECLA 0569).
  • Op. 76: Potpourri from Tancredi (flute or violin and guitar) (TECLA 0570).
  • Op. 77: Duettino facile (flute or violin and guitar) (TECLA 0571).

Some of the 22 works in Volumes 35 and 36 are for beginners, such as the Duettino facile, op. 77, while others, such as the Duo Concertant op. 25 and the Gran Duetto Concertante op. 52, are virtuoso pieces. Some of them are already celebrated, such as op. 25 and op. 52, and others are not so well known but are well worth performing, such as the Originäl Märsche or the magnificent Duo. Some of them were originally composed specifically for the violin with guitar, others specifically for the flute with guitar, but most of them state on their title-pages that either violin or flute is acceptable.

“I have received Vol 35 & 36, Mauro Giuliani. Thank you very much. I am really impressed, it’s a beautiful edition, congratulations!” (a US customer)

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