Mauro Giuliani – Studio op. 1, as a digital download (pdf)


This is a digital download.

Mauro Giuliani: Studio op. 1 is a modern urtext re-engraved edition of Giuliani’s celebrated “tutor” for the guitar which he himself called Studio op. 1. Unlike several other modern editions of this famous work, this edition includes all four parts, which are:
Part One, for the right hand
Part Two, for the left hand
Part Three, ornaments etc.
Part Four, twelve progressive lessons

My original extensive preface to this Studio op. 1 which I wrote in 2002 for the printed edition of Giuliani’s Complete Studies is given here at the end of this file, after the music. Also at the end of the file, after the music, will be found a note about Giuliani’s fingering and his use of dynamics.

You can see the FIRST PART FREE here.

Brian Jeffery