Mauro Giuliani – The Six Rossiniane complete. (Vol.13)


This complete edition of all six of the brilliant and famous Rossiniane by Giuliani gives you the full historical background and tells you which arias by Rossini, exactly, Giuliani is quoting.


This edition presents all six Rossiniane by Mauro Giuliani, opp. 119-124, complete, in reprints of the first editions, with an extensive introduction by Brian Jeffery giving full details of their background and their contents.  These are famous works by this composer, among his most brilliant music, built on airs from Rossini’s operas. This edition is clear and practical to play from.  It is Volume 13 of the Complete Works of Giuliani.  Paperbound. We are also happy to supply it in its clothbound version in handsome black and gold, for just a token amount more.

104 pages.  First published by Tecla in 1986, reprinted in 2002.

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Clothbound, Paperbound