Mauro Giuliani – Serenade op. 19, as a digital download (pdf)


This is a digital download.

Mauro Giuliani’s Serenade op. 19 for violin, violoncello and guitar is presented here in a new 2020 modern re-engraved edition by Brian Jeffery, score and parts, ready for performance, urtext and authentic, based strictly on the original editions with no modern elements or fingering introduced. We supply the work as four files: full score, Violin, Violoncello, and Guitar.

Giuliani’s Serenade op. 19 was first published in Vienna in about 1808, that is to say at the time when the young Giuliani had just arrived in Vienna and was making a name for himself as a virtuoso on the guitar. A reviewer of the time wrote (in German, here translated): “A soft Adagio begins the work, not merely serving for introduction but standing in its own right; a very lively Scherzando with a pleasant Trio follows, and a merry, rather pungent Polacca ends. The composer can certainly expect a friendly reception everywhere where this kind of music is appreciated.” It has three movements: Adagio, Scherzo and trio allegro assai, and Alla polacca.

Here is a splendid video of this Serenade op. 19 by Giuliani, played by members of the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra:  Christina Gallati, violin; Sebastian Diezig, violoncello; and Maria Efstathiou, guitar. In this video the Scherzo begins at 4:15 and the Alla polacca at 9:54.

The first part of the first movement is provided here FREE as a sample.

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