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Mauro Giuliani – Originael Maersche for flute and guitar, as a digital download (pdf)


This is a digital download.

Mauro Giuliani’s Originael Maersche for flute and guitar are here presented in a new modern re-engraved edition, score and parts, ready for performance, urtext and authentic, based strictly on the original editions with no modern elements or fingering introduced.

This is a highly unusual and very interesting work by Giuliani: arrangements for flute and guitar of the military marches of the different nations which were played in Vienna at the time of the Congress of Vienna by the regiments of the assembled nations allied against Napoleon. They have a very strong character of their own and are sometimes extraordinary. Giuliani has here preserved for us something of a very authentic and powerful music of the time: the military music of the armies of Europe at the time when they were gathering together at the height of their power. They were first published in Vienna in 1814.

The ten marches are:

  1. Russischer Marsch
  2. Russischer Marsch
  3. Marsch der k.k. Oesterreichischen Truppen
  4. Oesterreichischer Marsch
  5. Preussischer Marsch
  6. Preussischer Marsch
  7. Marsch der Schweden
  8. Marsch der Schweden
  9. Marsch der k. Bayrischen Truppen
  10. Marsch der k. Bayrischen TruppeN


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