Mauro Giuliani – Guitar duets (The Complete Works, Volume 20)


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Mauro Giuliani’s Complete Works, Volume 20 (Tecla facsimile edition) contains four works for two guitars, including the fine Gran Variazioni Concertanti op. 35. With an introduction by Brian Jeffery

NOW AVAILABLE AS A SET OF PHOTOCOPIES ONLY.  Volume 20 is a popular volume, and in book form it sold out, but we have now made it available in the form of a set of photocopies in a folder.  That isn’t perhaps ideal, but it is at least usable by anyone who wants this music.  The contents of the set of photocopies are identical to the contents of the old printed book, including the Notes to the Pieces, nothing has been omitted.  The pages are numbered, so there isn’t any chance of getting the pages muddled.

The price of the set of photocopies  is lower than it would be if it were a book.  And if you buy the set of photocopies now, and if (as we hope) volume 20 is later reprinted as a book, we will supply the book to you then if you wish at only a token price.

The edition consists of a first guitar part and a second guitar part (no score).

Contains the following four works for two guitars, in reprints of the first editions:

  • Rondeau alla Polacca (arranged from the last movement of the Concerto op. 30). For one terz guitar and one normal guitar.
  • Op. 35: Gran Variazioni Concertanti (a dramatic and eloquent work. Because the two early editions are different in many details, both of them are given here: one from Vienna from 1812, and the other from Milan, about 1830). For two normal guitars.
  • Op. 66: Three rondos. For one terz guitar and one normal guitar.
  • Op. 67: Gran Potpourri (an interesting work, based on several themes including a familiar one from Beethoven. Well worth performing). For one terz guitar and one normal guitar.

56 + 32 pages.   First published by Tecla in 1985.

We don’t offer many CDs, only exceptionally, and these are exceptional. The performers recorded the works from this Tecla edition of volumes 19-24 of Giuliani’s Complete Works.

More about Mauro Giuliani (1781-1829)

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