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Mauro Giuliani – Guitar concerto op. 30 arranged by Diabelli with piano (The Complete Works, Volume 27)


Mauro Giuliani’s Complete Works, Volume 27 (Tecla facsimile edition) contains Giuliani’s guitar concerto op. 30 in A, in Diabelli’s arrangement for guitar and piano.  With an introduction by Brian Jeffery.

Please be aware that this is NOT a mere reduction of the orchestral or string quartet version of this concerto, but rather is Diabelli’s arrangement of the concerto in which he has made changes.  Also it is for terz guitar, not for the normal guitar with the conventional tuning.

This Volume 27 contains Giuliani’s guitar concerto op. 30, in Diabelli’s arrangement for terz guitar and piano. There are parts for guitar and for piano (no score). The guitar part is written in A major as in the orchestral version and is very similar to it, with some differences but not big ones (for example it has some additional material at the beginning). However, the terz guitar is of course a transposing instrument so it actually sounds in C and the piano part is written in C.  It is possible to play this terz guitar part on a normal modern guitar by placing a capotasto at the third fret.

The three volumes for this concerto in this Tecla series are:

  • Volume 25: the version for guitar and full orchestra, in A. The guitar is a normal guitar (not a terz guitar).
  • Volume 26: the version for guitar and string quartet, in A (same guitar part as in Volume 25).
  • This Volume 27: the arrangement of the concerto which Diabelli made for terz guitar and piano. The guitar part here is a terz guitar so although it is written in A it actually sounds in C and the piano part is in C.

All are in facsimiles of the first editions, parts only, no score.

Giuliani composed three concertos for guitar, opus numbers 30, 36, and 70. This concerto op. 30 in A is the first and most famous of them.

First published by Tecla in 1986.

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