Mauro Giuliani – Esercizio op. 48


This is a digital download.

Mauro Giuliani: Esercizio op. 48 is a modern urtext re-engraved edition of Giuliani’s celebrated collection of studies for the guitar which he himself called Esercizio per la chitarra, contenente 24 pezzi della maggiore difficolta, diversi preludi, passaggi, ed assolo (Exercise for the guitar, containing 24 pieces of the greatest difficulty, including various preludes, passaggi, and solo pieces).

Like op. 1, this work comes from that tremendous period in Giuliani’s life when he had just arrived in Vienna. It is brilliant in every way: every piece is intensely musical, uses the resources of the instrument fully, and every note counts, nothing is wasted. Consider, for example, the subtlety and beauty of no. 15. The Esercizio was first published in Vienna in mid-1813.

The file contains detailed notes on many of the pieces.

You can see the FIRST PART FREE here.

Brian Jeffery