Mauro Giuliani – Duo for flute or violin and guitar


This is a remarkable work, long and developed, in three movements: Allegro, Minuet, and Rondo.

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This Duo for flute or violin and guitar by Giuliani is one of the twelve works in volume 36 of the Complete Works of Giuliani in 39 volumes published by Tecla Editions, but we make it also available separately.

When I (Brian Jeffery) first published this Duo in this Tecla edition of 1987, I pointed out in the introduction that this work is an arrangement, but at that time it was not known what exactly it was arranged from. Now Thomas F. Heck, in his book Mauro Giuliani, virtuoso guitarist and composer (1995), has pointed out that the first and last movements of this Duo are arranged from Mayseder’s string quartet op. 5 – but not the central movement, the minuet, which is not found among Mayseder’s works and so may in fact be an original composition by Giuliani.

This Tecla edition is a facsimile of the original edition, parts only, no score. Very clear for performance.

Brian Jeffery


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