Mauro Giuliani – Duettino facile for flute or violin and guitar, op. 77, as a digital download (pdf)


This is a digital download.

Mauro Giuliani’s Duettino facile for flute or violin and guitar, op. 77, is here presented in a new modern re-engraved edition, score and parts, ready for performance, urtext and authentic, based strictly on the original editions with no modern elements or fingering introduced.

This work makes small technical demands and is suitable for relative beginners on both instruments. It was first published in Vienna in about 1817. It has three movements: Andantino maestoso, Minuetto scherzoso and trio, and Rondo.


Read the overview of the nineteen works by Mauro Giuliani for flute or violin and guitar which are published in this present series in Tecla in modern re-engraved editions, score and parts.

A customer writes: “I heard this piece (Duettino facile for flute or violin and guitar, op. 77 by Mauro Giuliani) on QXR, our classical radio station in NYC and I loved it. I had never heard the guitar and flute played together. Thought it was beautiful.
My daughter’s piano teacher plays classical guitar and improvised a piano concerto for flute and piano to include the guitar at the last recital. I’m going to tell him about this piece.
Thanks for your wonderful web site. It is very informative!” (March 2000) (a customer)