Mauro Giuliani – 12 Monferrine op. 12, as a digital download (pdf)


This is a digital download.

Mauro Giuliani:  12 Monferrine op. 12 are the first easy pieces which Giuliani published in Vienna after he arrived there in about 1806. They have very many effervescent details: for example, no. 5 which is all low but then a couple of higher snatches vary it; or no. 6 with its drone bass, or the glissandos in no. 9.

Giuliani wrote some of them to be easy in the sense that much of the time you only have to play a single melodic line and the occasional open bass, as you can see from the many open bass strings, A, E, D. The melodic lines often sing out high up on the strings where the frets are closer together, so that you don’t have to stretch the hand as much as you would if they were close to the first position. But a word of warning: the definition of easy in the sense of being in or near the first position is not the definition which applies here.

This set is one of five sets of dances by Giuliani which I published with Tecla Editions in 2006 in a printed book entitled Dances of 1810.

At the end of this file, after the music, you can read the full preface to that book which will cast more light on the circumstances of this

You can see the FIRST PART FREE here.

Brian Jeffery