Fernando Ferandiere – Arte de tocar la guitarra española (Madrid, 1799), new 2013 edition, as a digital download (pdf)


This page is for Ferandiere: Arte de tocar la guitarra española por música as a digital download (pdf, ebook). Or you can receive it as a printed book, paperbound, to be shipped to you worldwide. Or you can receive it as a printed book, clothbound, to be shipped to you worldwide. The printed book either paperbound or clothbound is very nice, but digital is cheaper and much kinder to the planet!

This is a new 2013 edition of Fernando Ferandiere’s Arte de tocar la guitarra española (Madrid, 1799), a significant text in guitar history.  I (Brian Jeffery) first published a facsimile edition of it in 1977, and here now is a new 2013 edition which includes:

– a complete facsimile reprint of the Madrid 1799 edition.

– a new introduction of forty pages by me (Brian Jeffery) in both English and Spanish which brings our knowledge of Ferandiere up to date to 2013 and adds new information which is currently not available anywhere else. The complete text of this new introduction is printed in English, and then the complete text of the introduction is given again in Spanish.

– a complete English translation of Ferandiere’s text.

– and the musical examples from the original appendix, here also given additionally in modern notation.

181 pages. 16 x 23 cm (paperback size).

This is a book for anyone who is seriously interested in the history of the guitar

Here are all the musical examples from this book, beautifully played by Rob MacKillop:

You can also hear the very attractive Rondo from the music section of Ferandiere’s book played by Julio Martinez Oyanguren in 1937:

This new edition has been printed by Artes Gráficas Soler in Valencia Spain, a printer specializing in fine printing for over a hundred years. (They also printed, by the way, the first Tecla Editions book back in 1971.)

The new Tecla edition of Ferandiere’s Seis Dúos.

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