Søffren Degen – Pastorale melancolico op. 11


This is a digital download. This is a new re-engraved edition. Score and parts are provided.

Søffren Degen’s Pastorale melancolico op. 11 for violoncello and guitar is one of ten pieces for violoncello and guitar by this composer edited by Jens Bang-Rasmussen and now published by Tecla Editions.


Here are some notes on it, by Jens Bang-Rasmussen.

Pastorale Melanconico op. 11

Melody is the foundation of Degen’s music. The cello sings beautifully all the way though the piece. Degen truly treats the cello as an elegy.

The guitar part resembles the guitar parts known of N. Paganini.

The piece is in Danish national romantic style. Degen’s use of contrast between major and minor is a mean of expression throughout most of his own compositions. The melodic material is inspired from Danish folk songs. The harmonisation in Degen’s arrangement has a touch of late romantic music, especially in the way he uses the subdominant minor towards the end of the piece. There seem to be small inconsequences in Degen’s writing especially in the guitar part. After spending many hours with Degen’s music, this appears to be a very sophisticated way of orchestrating cello and guitar.