Søffren Degen (arr.) – Meditation (Gounod/Bach)


This is a digital download. This is a new re-engraved edition. Score and parts are provided.

Søffren Degen’s arrangement of Meditation (Gounod/Bach) for violoncello and guitar is one of ten pieces for violoncello and guitar by this composer edited by Jens Bang-Rasmussen and now published by Tecla Editions.


Here are some notes on it, by Jens Bang-Rasmussen.

Meditation (Gounod/Bach), for violoncello and guitar

This is a very fine transcription of the Ave Maria. Degen’s fingering for the guitar is very interesting and unorthodox and tells us how developed his guitar playing must have been. Even though this is written for the seven-string guitar, it is not a problem to play the transcription on the six-string guitar.