Onorato Costa – Souvenir d’Orient for flute and guitar


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This is a re-engraved edition of Onorato Costa’s Souvenir d’Orient ou Fantaisie Brillante, op. 12 for flute and guitar, an extended early nineteenth century piece, fine and exuberant, historically extremely interesting, incorporating as it does in a remarkable way elements of Greek popular music of the time.

Edited by Brian Jeffery. New re-engraved edition (not facsimile), with an extensive preface.  Score with separate flute part, 20 + 8 pages.  First published by Tecla in 1983.

This is a remarkable and attractive work, challenging from the technical point of view. Anyone seeking new repertory for flute and guitar is recommended to try this.

It incorporates elements of Greek popular music of the time. One section is “Romance grecque. Ilios Lambros, Soleil Lumineux”, and another is “Sirtos, Danse grecque nationale”. An interesting example of the enthusiasm for Greece at this period of the struggle for Greek independence.

I’m sorry to say that because of damp in a warehouse in the past, all our copies have some rust on their staples (not very much, but it is there).  Please be aware of this when you order.  Of course remember that the music is fine and it’s a very good piece with (I hope) a good introduction . . .

MAY 2014    Now that we have our new warehouse in Gloucester UK, it has been easier to get organized than it was before.  A count of this title shows that we only have a few copies left, and it is now an antiquity.  In my opinion (BJ) this is a very unusual and interesting item.  That is why the new price now is a bit higher than it might otherwise have been.

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