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Jaime Bosch’s Works for Guitar is a collection of eighteen works for solo guitar, to mark the centenary of the death of Jaime (Jacques) Bosch (1826-1895), known as “le roy de la guitare”.  All in reprints of their original editions and with an introduction by Brian Jeffery. 76 pages. First published by Tecla in 1995 to mark that centenary, from Bosch’s death in 1895. Paperbound.

“There are several little gems in this facsimile collection that are well worth playing. In particular I liked Brimborion, Duettino, Meditation, Etoiles et fleurs … several of the shorter and easier items towards the end of the volume are also very effective … there is much to simply enjoy in this volume, and it’s a must for anyone purporting to be interested in the music of its century. A centenary well worth marking.” (Classical Guitar, December 1996).

Bosch was a well-known guitarist in late nineteenth century Paris, a contemporary of Coste and a friend of the painter Edouard Manet. A Catalan born in Barcelona, his works show strong Spanish influence. This edition will be indispensable to anyone interested in the history of the guitar at that period. With a preface by Brian Jeffery.

An article on Jaime Bosch (1826-1895) and the guitar in Paris at the end of the 19th century.

Rob MacKillop has just recorded three pieces by Bosch from this Tecla book: Duettino, Venise (at 4.48), and Venezia (at 11.05):

This book presents 18 pieces, all in reprints of the original editions.

Contents (the numbers refer to opus numbers):

10. Duettino
11. Brimborion, romance sans paroles
12. Etoiles et fleurs, rêverie
13. Celia, jota-valse
14. Fantaisie Dramatique, sur un opéra de l’auteur
15. Souvenir de Barcelone, valse-dialogue
16. Retraite espagnole
17. Allegro de sonate
18. Méditation
19. Ballade
85. Plainte moresque, mélodie (dedicated to the painter Edouard Manet)
88. La Rose, valse
89. Six pièces faciles
91. Au son des cloches, mazurka
92. Venise
93. Les échos
94. Cello
—  Dix pièces faciles

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