Beethoven – Adelaïde with its piano accompaniment arranged by Napoléon Coste for guitar, as a printed item


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This new edition of Beethoven’s song “Adelaïde” with its accompaniment arranged for guitar by Napoléon Coste for voice (or violin or viola) and guitar is designed to go with the new Tecla edition of Coste’s arrangements of Schubert songs (TECLA 0391/2), for the sake of completeness. It is taken by kind permission from manuscripts in the Rischel and Birket-Smith Collection of the Royal Library, Copenhagen, Rischel Mss 4 and 9.

The original title in Ms 9 is: “Adelaide de L. van Beethoven arrangée pr Violon ou Alto ou chant et Guitare pr N. Coste”, and parts are provided in these manuscripts for violin or viola and for guitar, so that evidently Coste’s intention was that this arrangement could be either for voice and guitar, or else for violin or viola and guitar without the voice. The text underlaid in the ms is in Italian, and the original German text has been newly underlaid for this edition. Edited by Brian Jeffery.

The engraving of this new edition is by Alexander V. Trukhin.

12 pages.  Simple sheet music, A4 size, no cover.

If you’re performing this song with guitar, you really need TWO COPIES, one for the singer and one for the guitarist. Don’t fiddle with photocopies: if you like, you can get two copies, one for each of you, at a specially reduced price.


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