Aguado, Dionisio – New Guitar Method
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Dionisio Aguado – New Guitar Method


Dionisio Aguado’s New Guitar Method, first published in Spanish as the Nuevo Método para Guitarra in Madrid in 1843, is an epoch-making work in the history of the guitar. Here are set out and discussed all the technical issues which concern modern players: correct hand-positions, angles of the fingers, ornamentation, special effects, and the magical sound of the guitar, its very special tone-quality and how to produce it. This is a translation into English of that 1843 edition.


Aguado’s New Guitar Method is the standard English translation from the original Spanish of Aguado’s celebrated method for guitar, which for more than a century was the most famous of all the methods for the instrument.  It includes a full introduction by Brian Jeffery with a detailed bibliographical study of the many different original editions of Aguado’s method.  200 pages. 12 x 9 inches.

Translated into English by Louise Bigwood, with an introduction by Brian Jeffery.


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ISBN 978-0-906953-11-2