Shipping Dates

We now ship out of Spain. The recent lockdown in Spain has meant that we will next be able to ship only in several weeks from now. We don’t have an exact date. At present we are expecting to be able to ship in mid-August 2020.

You are welcome to order printed items now if you wish, but at present we don’t know when we will be able to ship. You can of course order and receive our digital items now or at any time.

I will keep everyone posted here on this page.

About our new shipping charges!

Our shipping charges are higher than they used to be, and I’m sorry about that. Let me explain.

We are now shipping out of Spain and we are using the post, Correos de España. They give tracking and so far the parcels have arrived well (including to South America) and the tracking works. But the cost is higher. A UK customer asked about this and here is what he wrote and what I wrote:

He: “I’ve just ordered this, though admittedly was shocked at the shipping cost! Where is it coming from?”

Me: “Many thanks for ordering. It’s coming from Spain. Yes, I know and agree about the shipping cost. We recently moved from the old warehouse in the UK to a new warehouse in Spain where I have a house, so the shipping is now by Spanish post (Correos de España) and that is expensive.”

But I subsidize it, and the resulting shipping is found when you get to the checkout (before you pay for it).

It’s too much, but the non-postal carriers don’t charge any less. I’m going to see Correos de España to see whether they can offer a better price with a contract.

In one way Correos de España is better because it offers tracking. In the UK for sending to UK we used to use MyHermes which costs far less and offers tracking but quite often their tracking didn’t work.

The Royal Mail contract service which we had for shipping to outside UK didn’t give tracking at all and you can’t ship nowadays without that; also, parcels with Royal Mail to countries like Brazil sometimes used to take literally two or three months and sometimes didn’t arrive at all, whereas items shipped with Correos de España do seem to reach S America satisfactorily.

Seen from the customer’s point of view, the answer to the cost problem is to order several books at once, because they would go for the same price or very little more. Or order digital.

Brian Jeffery