Ordering from Tecla, and shipping

See Shipping Dates for details about our shipping of our printed items in this time of coronavirus lockdown. Currently we can’t ship any printed items because of the lockdown, but the page Shipping Dates is kept up to date.

Meanwhile, our digital items are all very much available!

If you are at home because of the coronavirus, some of our digital items might be interesting for you to catch up on.

More news

The big Tecla news for 2020 is that we now offer many Tecla titles as digital files. Tecla books are great, but the digital versions are kinder to the environment than shipping paper all over the world.

We have the New Complete Works for Guitar of Sor now available in digital, 75 files, and we offer 27 FREE FOR EVERYBODY Sor files intended especially for students which you are very welcome to order.

About our printed items:

We ship now out of our new warehouse in the wonderful village of Villar del Monte.

If you are ordering a printed Tecla book to be shipped to you, before you order it please first check our page Shipping Dates!! Our shipping dates are announced on Shipping Dates.

To see what people think of Tecla publications, please see Reviews.

We now offer tracking, which we couldn’t before because our contract with Royal Mail in the UK didn’t offer tracking.

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, not to supply.

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