Ordering from Tecla, and shipping

You can order directly from Tecla to have us send any item to you worldwide.  Shipping costs worldwide are low, and you normally receive the items within a few days (for details see below). We are set up for ordering with debit or credit card or with PayPal.

We ship from our warehouse in the UK to all countries worldwide, including the UK, USA, Europe, Japan, Australia, South America – in fact to all countries which have normal postal services.

To the UK we currently use MyHermes, which offers tracking.

To all other countries we use UK Royal Mail Priority Air Mail, which has the huge advantage that it gives reasonable shipping cost, especially for larger orders which get the benefit of a special rate for books.

Your basket shows you how much the postage is going to be.

UK Royal Mail Priority Air Mail aims to deliver to Europe in 3-5 days and to the rest of the world in 5-7 days.  Sometimes it takes a little longer, say up to 10 or even 14 days.  Don’t even start worrying before 14 days.  It almost never happens that a parcel doesn’t arrive at all.  You will probably receive your order quickly, but if not, then have patience! – South America, very unfortunately, is an exception – although in general most parcels to South America arrive within a few weeks, recently one order to Brazil took four months to arrive.

Note that UK Royal Mail Priority Air Mail does not offer tracking. If you want tracking you can ask us for a quotation with tracking, but be aware that it will cost you considerably more.

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, not to supply.

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